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Welcome to the future...

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Welcome to the future of entertainment!

Here at Entertainment AI™ we are working to bring the most cutting-edge software and services to an industry which has tremendous pressure to produce higher quality content, at lower prices, with more engagement. At the same time we see humanity yearning for even deeper engagement - in fact they want to go beyond engagement to deep participation. Entertainment AI™ is working across a number of different projects that embrace this approach.

We are thrilled to bring you exciting news of the industry, as well as patented products and services to enable new forms of storytelling that create new kinds of meaning, and thus enable new ways of thinking, and being.

Please contact us to discuss how you can partner with us or use our services to engage your audiences as never before! Entertainment AI™ CEO and Founder, Ann Greenberg, is a frequent speaker, and champion of creating more equitable forms of compensation for artists, co-creators, and group we formerly called, "the audience."


Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to make this possible! Check back often for new blog posts!